Established in the mid ’80s in Uruguay, DOFIN’s facilities were initially used for wool and salted sheep skins storage.

Early in the ’90s the expansion started towards bovine hides, focusing on Wet Blue to Europe, Asia and USA. Later, technological advances, innovation and development of processes, led to extend the production to Wet Blue Splitted and Crust.

In 2002 a strategic alliance with a very important Slaughterhouse Group assured a continuous selection of high quality Uruguayan hides supply.

Since 2007 DOFIN added value to its products supported by a professional design, process development, the continuous improvement of the quality, environment, health and safety management system.

In 2007 DOFIN recieves the Quality Certification ISO 9001.

Since 2013 DOFIN has been producing chrome free leather for automotive industry.

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Uruguay is a stable and reliable country. Located in southern South America, is a country of 3.42 million people, and 12 million heads of cattle.

Because of its weather, location and geology Uruguay is one of the last reserves of natural prairies dedicated to livestock production. Strategic geopolitical location encourages a great integration with its big neighbors Argentina and Brazil.

It's a safe, reliable and competitive country that has large opportunities to grow outside its borders, attracting investment and promoting exports to countries around the world, has an open and stable economy with highly reliable institutions.

The country grew at an average annual rate of 5% in a the last 10 years, becoming one of the fastest growing countries in the region.

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The Tannery and its offices are located in Montevideo City.

- Facility size 9.414 sqmt.
- Building size 7.611 sqmt.

Additional warehouse in Las Piedras City Canelones.

- Facility size 20.140 sqmt.


- Distance between facilities: 22 km.
- Distance between facilities and slaughterhouses: 5-20 km max.
- Distance from facilities to Port: 10 km.
- Distance from facilites to Airport: 8 km.


DOFIN is a manufacturer and world class exporter of crust for automotive, upholstery and footwear for local and international markets.


High quality raw material of European breeds processed from fresh in whole hides to:

- Crust chrome free.
- Crust chrome tanned.
- Wet Blue full substance or splitted.

Production capacity: 1.500 hides per day.


RAW HIDES: Small distance between our facilities and slaughterhouses, allows a short transit time of green hides. Upon reception, piece by piece is inspected to assure quality, and good transport conditions.


SUSTAINABILITY: Continuously working towards sustainable production processes, being aware that customers are increasingly taking the whole leather supply chain into account.

PATENTED DRUM SYSTEM: Designed to enhance chemical dispersion and minimize hide damage during process.

FLEXIBILITY & EFFECTIVENESS: Experienced working force with many years in the field, and a compact organization ensuring better results in the process control.

PERSONALIZED SUPPORT:Technical assistance is offered to our customers whom benefit from increased support to maximize the article performance.


DOFIN ECOLEATHER® manufactures and commercializes hides for the international market, through constant improvement of the industrial flow, ensuring the highest quality standards. We are strongly committed to the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, generating a sustained growth of the organization with great focus of human capital development.

In this regard, we are committed to:
- Meet our customers' and interested parties requirements, interacting, giving appropriate answers to their needs and expectations through solutions that create a reciprocal, reliable and cooperative environment.
- Comply with applicable legislation and other acquired commitments related to Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety.
- Protect the environment preventing pollution, using resources in a proper and sustainable manner, promoting the improvement of the environmental performance.
- Identify, determine and control occupational risks, promoting a culture of health prevention, constantly improving the performance of the Occupational Safety and Health.
- Promote full development of all staff and teamwork, generating leaderships as the main tools for contin uous improvement in all of our processes.
- Generate, take care and optimize a satisfactory profitability for the Company.

DOFIN Management is committed to provide all the necessary resources to fully comply this policy, achieving the commitment of the entire organization.